Question – AMC Passenger Terminal Near Mozambique?

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I am planning travel to Mozambique, and wondered which is the closest MAC terminal I could fly to? Thank you, Spencer
Spencer, please comb through the list of AMC Passenger Terminal locations on the Space-A website.  There are actually no AMC Passenger Terminals located on the African continent.  However, you might be able to find a channel mission or other AMC flight to Africa (perhaps to Djibouti or Kenya) by contacting the closest large AMC base near you (for example, Charleston AFB, SC).

Good luck!

Question – Buy Military Disney Tickets in Oregon

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I am trying to find a military base outlet in Oregon MWR/ITT to buy disneyland tickets? I went to our local armory in Medford Oregon and they could not help me. –Robin.



Robin, generally speaking, you will have to purchase your Military Discount Disney tickets at a large US military installation MWR or ITT office.  You can try the closest large base or post near you.  Also, you can check out our list of MWR/ITT facilities in the California/Nevada area.  You will have to purchase your tickets in-person.

Question – Theme Park Discounts for Allies (UK MIL)

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I am an ex-serviceman of the British Forces serving from 1986 – 1995 in the RCT (Royal Corps of Transport). As a veteran, are there any theme parks which offer free or discounted entrance to British Veterans? I still hold my service records as proof of service and active service along side the US Services in the Gulf War 1991. –Andy.



Andy, generally speaking, if you currently have access to US installations such as the “Shades of Green” in Orlando, Florida, or other MWR/ITT offices on US military bases, you will have access to many theme park military discounts (including Disney World).  Although most theme parks will have their own policy on extending military discounts to Allied nations, the Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) center at the US Navy facility in Orlando will allow UK and other Allied military members access with their nation’s military ID card and/or NATO Travel Orders.

For Military personnel, discounted tickets are sold at Military bases. You can also get specially priced tickets via – Mail Order: Retired, Active, Reservists, National Guard and DoD Personnel can order discount tickets via mail order by calling the Commander, Navy Region Southwest 619-767-6000 or Air Force Central Ticket Program at 210-652-2855. You can also pick them up in-person at US Navy NTC ITT Orlando:

NTC Orlando
ITT Manager
7151 Earhart Dr
Orlando, FL 32827
Commercial: 407-855-0116
Fax: 407-850-9149

For more information, please contact your military installation’s Ticket Office.  You can also pick up discount tickets in-person at the Shades of Green (Military MWR Resort) in Orlando.  Additionally, you can call Shades of Green (the military resort facility) at the Walt Disney World® Resort directly 888-593-2242 or reference the Shades of Green website at the following URL:

Enjoy your vacation!

Question – Military Disney Discount

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I would like to know, if a military person buys tickets for Disneyland for friends at MWR/ITT, does that military person need to be present at Disneyland or can just the friends go? –Jennifer.




The Disney Military Discount Tickets can be purchased by a military service member or their spouse.  The tickets can be used by their family and friends (“guests”), however, a military ID may be required to be presented at the Park.  So, if your friends are military ID card holders, they could go to the Park without you – so long as they brought their military IDs with them.

Below is the “fine print” for the military Disney discount offer:


Eligible Service Members (or their spouses) who purchase Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort for themselves and their family members and friends will be required to activate those Tickets at Walt Disney World theme park ticket windows, no later than September 30, 2012, in order for those Tickets to be used. Valid military identification will be required.

No more than twelve (12) Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets may be purchased, activated and/or used by any Eligible Service Member or spouse during the life of this promotion, and no Eligible Service Member or spouse may purchase, activate and/or use more than six (6) Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets during any single week of the promotion. One (1) of the Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets purchased on each occasion must be for use by the Eligible Service Member or spouse. This offer is for active or retired members of the U.S. military, including the National Guard, Reservists and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets for admission to the Walt Disney World Resort will not be valid unless and until activated (no later than September 30, 2012).

Each Disney Military Promotional Ticket must be used by the same person on any and all days. Disney Military Promotional Tickets may be used ONLY by the Eligible Service Members, spouses, other family members or friends for whom they are purchased. In addition, a valid military ID may be required for admission.

Disney Military Promotional Tickets (including any options) expire and may not be used after September 30, 2012. In addition, Disney 4-Day Military Promotional Tickets (including any options) for the Walt Disney World Resort may not be used on the following blockout dates: December 26 through 31, 2011 at all Parks and April 1, 2012 – April 12, 2012 and July 4, 2012 at Magic Kingdom Park.