Question – Buy Military Disney Tickets in Oregon

We received this question via email:

I am trying to find a military base outlet in Oregon MWR/ITT to buy disneyland tickets? I went to our local armory in Medford Oregon and they could not help me. –Robin.



Robin, generally speaking, you will have to purchase your Military Discount Disney tickets at a large US military installation MWR or ITT office.  You can try the closest large base or post near you.  Also, you can check out our list of MWR/ITT facilities in the California/Nevada area.  You will have to purchase your tickets in-person.

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  1. Hector says:

    I am not an active or retired military person, however I did serve during desert storm (4 years in the navy and 3 years as a reserve). Just wondering if I qualify for the military disney discount. I have my original discharge papers and an old military ID.


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