Military Life

Military Life

We put together this website to help deployed service members and their families learn about and receive their hard-earned military pay benefits, healthcare, and entitlements.

Today, our military service members and their families are sacrificing more than ever.  They have been deployed continuously since 2001.  Many have been separated from their loved ones for more than 12 months at a time… for several deployments.  Back on the home front, families try to gain access to all of the military benefits, entitlements, and assistance – but often it is a challenge.

We help decipher the complex language and rules governing the military TRICARE healthcare system; the new GI Bill benefits; all of the deployment pay entitlements; and the tedious military PCS system.

We also guide families to all of the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs and lend support by listing military discounts for service members and their families.

TRICARE Supplemental Insurance – Find out how to get your family the best coverage; supplemental insurance comes at a very affordable price.

PCS Reimbursements – What exactly is covered in the new PCS Military Move Program?

PCS Advice and Tips – What we learned from our recent PCS; how to protect your family during your next move.

Guide to Military Education Benefits – Find scholarships, grants, and learn about the new GI Bill benefits.

Military MWR Guide – Morale, Welfare, and Recreation information, discounts, worldwide lodging and resort information.

Military Discounts – Compilation of military discounts and coupons for service members and their families.

Deployment Pay Entitlements – Your military pay changes when you are deployed to the combat zone.  Learn about your entitlements.

Help us support our military by submitting your personal tips, advice, and lessons learned.