Military Deployment Phone Calls

Deployment Military Phone Calls – SPAWAR Calling Cards

Operation Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom
Are you or someone in your family deployed overseas in support of the Global War on Terror?  Stay in touch with family and friends when deployed to forward locations, even in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With Morale Phone access from even the most remote locations, the only thing missing is a good, reliable calling card.  Purchase one of our prepaid calling cards and call home from one of the AT&T Calling Centers or via the DSN Switchboard.

International Calling Cards

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SPAWAR MWR Phone Calls

Military Calling Cards

The US Military’s SPAWAR has installed new MWR Phone Call Centers.  Connected to SPAWAR’s network it is easy to call home and stay in touch.  With a large number of phones at each location, simply dial the area code and phone number, then enter your PIN Number.  You must purchase specific SPAWAR Phone Calling Cards to use these phones.  Visit the SPAWAR website to buy your calling cards.

New Prepaid Calling Cards from Iraq & Afghanistan
MCI has introduced a prepaid calling card that can be used from Iraq. This card is sold in $10 and $20 denominations. The rate to call from Iraq to the US is 45¢ per minute. A $10 card will allow for a 22 minute phone call from Iraq to the US and the $20 has 44 minutes for the same call. This card can be used to call anywhere in the world from the US and can be used from about a 130 different countries around the world. Call to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide on a DSN line (Defense System Network) for 5¢/min. Check out the MCI Card

AT&T is installing calling centers and phones in U.S. Military bases and camps in Iraq and other locations in the middle east. These AT&T Calling Centers have phones that automatically connect to AT&T USADirect Service for calls back to the U.S.; the phones accept a variety of payment methods, including AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards. Look for dialing instructions on the phone. Calling centers are currently installed at Al Asad Air Base, Al Sahra Air Base/Tirkrit-Palace Complex, Baghdad Int’l Airport, Balad Air Base, Camp Babylon, Camp Falcon, Camp Performance, FOB Speicher, MEK Compound, Mosul Air Base, Muleskinner, Talil Air Base and Victory Base in Baghdad. Installation is pending at Al Kut, FOB Munsan, FOB Q-West, and Kirkuk. Rate to use the AT&T Prepaid Card from Iraq AT&T Calling Centers to the US is 45¢ per minute. Call to the U.S. from U.S. Military Bases worldwide on a DSN line (Defense System Network) for 5¢/min. Check out the AT&T Card

International GSM Cell Phones
International GSM Cell Phones are convenient for frequent travelers.  Buy one cell phone that will work in hundreds of countries overseas.  Then all you need is to purchase SIM Cards valid for the region or countries that you are travelling to.  Check out the best International Cell Phones.

>>International cell phone promotions with prepaid service and free incoming calls

Military Satellite Phones
We use the same technology the US Military is using to communicate worldwide while deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Use our Satellite Phones to communicate with your friends and family from any location in the world.  We salute our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines are deployed in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM.  Purchase a Satellite Phone and stay connected even while on deployment.

Voice Over IP VOIP Calling

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